Dental Technology

Dental technologies around the world are evolving and continuously improving, making dental treatments quicker, more effective and more comfortable. At BIDC dental clinics, technological advances are adapted based on global innovations and professional driven developments in dental techniques as well as materials.

For each category of instruments, equipment and machine chosen for use at BIDC, our dental clinic emphasizes on the concept of sterilization in safeguarding and protecting our patients. Personalized sterilization concept may be opted at our clinic. Sterilization equipments and sterilization indicators utilized at BIDC maintain and ensure strict sterilization standards are maintained. 

3D CT Scan

Computerized 3D Scan for high-definition detailed diagnoses

Digital X-rays

Digitalized x-ray machine for clearer, instant & lower dose radiation exposure

Sterilization Equipments

Pre-vaccummed autoclave units, maintenance & suction units, autosealing machines and sterile storage

Sterilization Indicators

Biological sterilization indicators are used to verify the effectiveness of sterilization efforts at BIDC

Intra-Oral Cameras

Intra oral cameras go beyond the limits of human vision to observe areas of treatment

Dental Units

Dental units at BIDC have zero suckback system and high powered suction for patient safety & comfort

Dental Implants

3D imaging & tomography, ultrasonics & improved implant surfaces enables more effective & less invasive implant treatments


New lingual techniques and clear materials have made orthodontics non-visible, faster & more comfortable

Endodontic Microscope

Endodontic microscopes, micro-motor & root locators for safer & detailed endodontic treatments


Clinical handpiece for fillings with sterilization focus at BIDC

Laser System

Laser systems for precise treatment

Scaling and Airflow

Teeth cleaning with airflow without conventional vibrating brushes